Wodibo Capsules 100% Pure Herbal Sex Medicine

Wodibo Capsules 100% Pure Herbal Sex Medicine

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Wodibo is an herbal extract manufactured in China, which is credited with an ability to increase the blood flow to the penis, as well as being able to augment penis size, sex drive and 'staying power'. Heightened sexual arousal is an attribute many men seek out in herbally-based male sexuality enhancers, while other men also need to augment actual sexual performance, which may lag for a variety of reasons, such as low testosterone levels, stress, overwork and psychological reasons. Let’s take a look at this formula to see what it may have to offer.

Ingredients: 100% pure herbal product is composed of several kinds of pure herbal ingredients that have no side effects, contain Ginseng, Wolfberry, Corgon Fruit, Chinese Yam, Lily Extract etc..

Negatives: Does not disclose their formulary at time of review; No testimonials posted at this time; No clinical studies currently posted.

Notes: Wodibo may be attractive to some people who are interested in using formulas based on Chinese medicine. However, while some of these formulas are very effective, we believe that it is imperative for individuals to know exactly what they are taking to augment sexual health. As noted above, this formula does not make full disclosure at this time, nor do they post testimonials written by people who have used this product to effectively increase erection quality, sex drive, stamina or desire. Nevertheless, there are some really effective, results-oriented formulas available, so people don’t have to settle for products that fail to provide even the most basic information. For instance, products that use a combination of Damiana and Yohimbe Extract have been shown to be exceptionally effective. Damiana, an aphrodisiac, has been shown to increase sexual potency, desire and stamina, as well as augment the sensitivity of nerves in the penis to increase pleasure and erection quality. Also, Yohimbe Extract is a potent erection enhancer in its own right, having a unique ability to increase blood flow to the penis to create harder, longer lasting and fuller erections.

Specification: 300mg*8capsules/tin

Usage and Dosage: oral use, 2 capsule one time.

Product Origin: China
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