Evil Root Sex Pills for Man

Evil Root Sex Pills for Man

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Evil Root Sex Pills for Man

[Product description]: Evil Root sex medicine adopts uoyang, xiannao, niuwhip, hyssop, angelica,medlar,tusizi, buguzhi, etc, rare medicinal material which be used for nourishing kidney, seadying germ cell, stimulating ardour. Using updated advanced bioengineering technology makes this medicine, and it is pure natural product without any hormone and  excitant additive also without any side effect.

[Effect]: After taking this capsule, man can get erection frequency, and the medicinemakes penis bigger and thicker. Prolong coition time by over 75minutes. The effect can continue for 120 hours. After taking this capsule, womans vagina will began to suck and shrink. Sexual organs congest soon.

And it is useful to increase the secretion of vagina; enhance sex desire and large charge. This capsule had an obvious effect for sexy person or woman with dull and dry vagina.

[Dosage]: Take a capsule orally before sexual intercourse with warm water. Can get better

effect if user chew the capsule or take it when user is empty. [Applicable]: ED impediment, premature ejaculation, undersexed and impotence person.

[Notes]: 1. Do not take any other medicine within 24 hours after take the capsule.

2. Minor taking this capsule is strictly prohibited.

[Storage]: Be kept in dry and cool place.

[Warranty Period]: 3 years

[Packing]:  1200mg*6capsules


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