African Black Ant King Sex Drugs for Man

African Black Ant King Sex Drugs for Man

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Youthenjoy supply many kinds of Ant ingredients,such as: African Black Ant, African Black Ant King,
Germany Black Ant, Red Ant Essence...rogether 9 kinds. Mosts of them are best sellers in markets,
expcially for Africa, America, And Aisa.

African Black Ant King Sex Drugs for Man

The active ingredients in Dr. O Conners ALPHA MALE PLUS formula with black ant have been scientifically designed to facilitate three desirable bio-chemical objectives for peak male performance.

1. Primary objective: to dramatically increase the active amount of the male hormone testosterone.

2. Secondary objective: to maximize blood flow to the male sex organ for longer, stronger erectile growth.

3 .Continuous reinforced objective: to quickly replenish the body’s reservoir of testosterone after climax to perform full and satisfying again and again.

4. It is available for the people with heart disease and high blood pressure.

5. It can be used after drinking.

Application: prostatitis, thin and short penis, impotence, premature ejaculation, not hard erection, lack of energy.

Ingredient: African black ant,ginseng, panax,cistanche,icariin,Tibet red flower, wolfberry.

Administration and Dosage: per oral, 1 pill 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Specification: 2 grains * 2500mg *3 bags*1carton

Quality Guarantee period: 3 years

Product Origin: China
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